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We serve on a global scale with various, highly skilled event makers whom we all know personally, to provide you with the best suitable event maker for any project. We only accept recruitment assignments we can actually fulfil. “Building a high performing team” is a customized process because expertise, experience and personality are hard to read from just a resume. We serve our clients by designing tailor made recruitment and connecting them with the most relevant, dynamic individuals and directions to fit their event, brand or specific needs.

Are you looking for a strong digital marketing professional, a proactive project manager or a show director to take your project from good to great or even exceptional? Hiring a temporary staff member offers a solution when there is a need for certain specializations.

We connect our event makers with companies involved in ‘corporate experiences’, next to ‘public players’ with a strong growth-focus. TEAM. also works for organizations that transform from ‘old to the new’, being in various stages of their transformation. Potential clients include event promoters, event bureaus, governmental institutions, brands, music artists, theaters, DJ’s or venues. Our seasoned consultants have extensive knowledge of the industry and strive to offer high quality and professional service, tailored towards the specific needs of your organization.

Besides interim projects, TEAM. offers various other customized services such as Executive Search, Tailormade Concepts, Sustainable Consultancy, Digital Scans & Creative Solutions.


Discover how we can help your organization. Are you looking to find talent on short notice? Most of our candidates are available based on flexible reinforcements, secondment or ad interim, depending on your needs.

These are our highly skilled event makers, all experienced in producing and creating state-of-the-art events on a global scale. All TEAM. members have collectively travelled the world and back (and back again) to produce highly advanced events in hundreds of cities, throughout dozens of countries, over six continents. Our seasoned consultants have extensive knowledge of the industry and strive to offer high quality and professional service.

With a focus on marketing, stage design, show direction, project management, creativity, digital, video content, crowd services and overall event production, these are the experts that can lift any form of event making from good to extraordinary. Clients can request one or two event makers from different fields, up to all of the event makers depending on the required skill set that is requested. We offer tailored services that meet your needs.

Eric Keijer

Event directing | Overall event production

Clayton Fredrik

Concept development | Branding

Marcel Pantera

Concept development | Show & experience

Paul Brouwer

Event directing | New Business

Patricia Berkhof

Project directing | Finance

Mascha Blaaser

Project Management | Production

Claudia Vosseberg

Project management | show production

Brenda Munsterman

Project management | event production

Deborah Durrfeld

Project management | Executive production

Sanne Jacobs

Project management | Crowd control

Sanne Tiemissen

Project management | Creative producer

Olga Zegers

Talent buying | Artist handling

Michiel van Broeckhuysen

Marketing | Campaigns

Roel Kuijpers

Marketing | Advertising

Denis Doeland

Digital strategy

Marjorie Verlaan

Travel | hospitality | project management

Pip Rush Jansen

Show creation | concept development

Sophie Reneman

Show direction | show calling

Joris Joosen

Production | technical production

Tom van den Houdt

Production | technical production

Sander den Otter

Light design | Creative stage design

Rutger Geerling

Event photography

Leonoor Fieren

Negotiating with venues, sponsors | Licensing

Tijs Vandenbroucke

Food & Beverage management

Manon Kerkdijk

Brand partnerships | food & beverage




We are TEAM. We are a knowledge institution with over a century of cumulative event and entertainment experience.

Tried, and tested but most of all based on talent, know-how and years of experience, we are a TEAM., unprecedented in the global event entertainment field, adding value to any brand, event or form of entertainment. It’s in the electronic music field that we have gained confidence and experience to produce worldwide concepts, shows, and state-of-the-art productions. Electronic music and innovation go hand in hand and that same progressive nature is where this TEAM takes its cues from. We strive for extraordinary solutions and serve the event and entertainment industry worldwide with;

Ambitious Event Makers

For an A-Z production and show plan.


Guiding, consulting and briefing all necessary staff for the event.


Developing tailor made concepts, restructure and rebrand existing concepts, all based on the client’s need and demands.


Proven white label solutions and professional insights.


This is how we work

These are the building blocks on which we base any professional event, driven by an all-round project manager who controls production and keeps finances in order.

No matter the task at hand, TEAM. is always in close contact with its TEAM. members and you as the client to professionally watch over the project.

We are happy to offer our highly experienced event makers, based on the following building blocks and their functions. All our members have a daily rate, and we are happy to discuss any deal based on your wishes. We have multiple options for our clients with regards to requesting our event makers. Based on the client’s wishes, TEAM. can send out one event maker, two different event makers or more, up to the whole team, when such demands are required. All different options for one or multiple event makers are possible. If we do not have a service in house, rest assured that we will still be able to service your demands.


In addition to our EVENT MAKERS, we offer a number of packages for your convenience.

We offer our joint knowledge to serve our industry with white label solutions and professional insights for basically any event or entertainment-related matter, all with the improvement of the industry in mind.
Packages can include Masterclasses for Digital, your company in the Digital Age, or any other subject; a digital quick scan of a company; Tailor-made concepts, and white label concepts.
All packages, tailor-made, and white-label concepts are based on fixed prices.

Tailor-made event concepts
Based on the client’s wishes, we offer complete and concrete concepts that can easily integrate into their plans. they include everything from name, logo and design to stage impressions, marketing ideas and production measures. it’s a total body of work that only needs to be executed.

White label event concepts
Concrete concepts created and designed by TEAM. for any client with an idea for an event or form of entertainment but is left blank about the specifics. TEAM. further develops these ideas and delivers solutions that can be turned into a tailor-made concept if needed.


TEAM. is run by:
Eric Keijer, Clayton Fredrik, Marcel Pantera and Paul Brouwer.

All four industry professionals with experience in production, crowd services, marketing, concept creation, and talent buying, all on a global scale.

Based on their insights from the event entertainment industry and the overall developments in the scene, they have created TEAM. to service all clients in any form, based on their Gospel of Entertainment.

If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. Fill in our contact form.



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