Brenda Munsterman

Professional expertise:

Project management, event production, brand partnerships, legal.

Track record:

Sensation, SBS Group, DreamHack


Large scale corporate events, electronic music festivals, e-sports events, you name it. Brenda has done it all and then some, with a ton of experience in her back pocket. From concept to planning, marketing, sponsor partnerships to ticketing, production and evaluation. With Brenda, you get someone who oversees the full project.

She operates on the fine line between event production, marketing and partnerships. Brenda knows how to manage herself and the project in venues ranging from exclusive get-togethers to humongous stadium shows. With natural born analytic and strategic skills, she closely watches and maintains the needs of every stake holder. An event manager at heart with a knack for marketing and brands. She is very clear about what drives her: ‘I think it’s an amazing feeling to give people a great experience, that is what makes me happy’. And Brenda makes us happy.