Claudia Vosseberg

Professional expertise:

Project Management, Event Management, Creative Management, Creative Production, Show Production, Show Direction, Acts Direction.

Track record:

15 years at ID&T, Sensation International, Mysteryland.


There is lots of many but only one Claudia. An experienced, allround project & event manager with a passion for show and creative production. Claudia has over 15 years of experience in managing and producing shows and festivals worldwide. On that global stage she has travelled as a Project Manager and Show Director for Sensation International, gaining experience in working inn several time zones at the same time with different cultures. With these local promoters and commercial partners Claudia has organized the most cutting-edge events for years. At the holy grounds of Mysteryland Claudia was a creative manager and creative producer, producing creative concepts for stages, opening- and end shows, the campsite and festival look & feel and overall festival decoration, acts, other creative line-ups and sponsor integration. She more than loves to work with creative minds, bringing visions and concepts to life. Like we said, there is only one Claudia.