Denis Doeland

Professional expertise:

Digital strategy and direction

Track record:

ID&T, CDO for Hardwell, Sorted Management and Alda Events


He is a digital autodidact who shares a wealth of content about digital progress. I has been blogging for more than 10 years, speaks at events and writes books, creates videos and podcasts.
Denis has always had a passion for discovering new things, delving deep into a topic and putting it in a larger context. Initially discovered at ID&T in the nineties, when there were many fresh opportunities in the digital world. Since then he has applied his passion in everything that came his way, giving him unparalleled insights into digital progress.
He specialises in subjects such as Marketing Efficiency, Reputation and Company Value; especially considering marketing, reputation and sales information and context for corporate finance. Here he works with a unique model founded on the Strength, Power and Potential of the digital world, providing organisations and individuals clear processes. In short: he utilises data to offer a vast range of insight and knowledge which leads to company value.
Denis works with artists, global top 10 DJs, top 50 festivals and top 10 food & health influencers, but also with renowned authors in the Netherlands and even the vice-captain of the Dutch football team, as long as it’s about ‘moving forward together’.