Joris Joosen

Professional expertise:

Overall event production, production management.

Track record:

Production director Sensation in over 30 countries, production director SFX Europe


To oversee a full production is not for everyone. Overseeing a festival or a stadium show, making sure that everything is built up accordingly and above all safely is something not for the faint hearted. For Joris however, it runs through his blood. With most teenagers working at supermarkets or fast food restaurants, Joris had his first sound and light company at the age of seventeen, only to leave that all behind to join ID&T and produce the first Sensation International shows, a start of journey that has led him around the world and back (and back again). From then on Joris, as part of Backbone, has produced nothing but top notch state of the art projects and events globally. On his endless list of productions are Tomorrowland, Mysteryland, TomorrowWorld, Hardwell’s World’s Biggest Guestlist show and Unite by Tomorrowland, just to name a few.
A problem solver at heart, Joris works best in complex operations. An experienced production manager with an amazing global production network.