Michiel van Broeckhuysen

Professional expertise:

Marketing strategies and campaigns, concept development, branding, sales, content and advertising management.

Track record:

Amsterdam Open Air, Tomorrowland (The Reporters), Alda Events, Valhalla Festival


A career that saw him first attend the Royal Military School and eventually led him become the leading expert in event marketing, branding and sales. Progressing from clubs to festivals, Michiel’s track record now includes selling out Amsterdam’s biggest multi genre festival Open Air in just a matter of hours. He is a true goal getter developing ideas into events, with a true passion for marketing. He enjoys to turn around the chaos of an extensive marketing planning into an organized and oiled machine, always keeping situational awareness over every project. His work for companies like Tomorrowland (The Reporters), ID&T and ALDA proves that. Companies can also invite Michiel to check up on their strategies, create new ones together with the team, giving courses and presentations about all marketing related matters or as a helping hand in the journey towards selling out the event. As long as it is about marketing, Michiel is up for it!