Olga Zegers

Professional expertise:

Talent buying, artist handling, negotiating deals.

Track record:

Sensation worldwide in 23 countries, Mysteryland (The Netherlands, Chile, USA), Smirnoff Sound Collective, Elrow, Jusdiggit.


Her passion for music and entertainment led her to the dancefloor and then straight to the music and events industry, in which she’s been active rocking that same passion for over 25 years.  Her sense of booking the right talent at the right time turned Olga into a respected expert in music programming and talent buying with an expansive and strong international network. Olga has set out international music programming strategies for numerous festivals and events like Sensation globally and Mysteryland, Trance Energy and even Tomorrowland’s first ever edition in Belgium, recently curating the talent for high profile brand events such as Budweiser’s BUDX during Superbowl 2020.  From negotiating deals with agents, managers and with other organisations to heading up a team of bookers internationally, Olga enjoys to pioneer every music project she gets in her hands.

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