Our Packages

In addition to our EVENT MAKERS, we offer a number of packages for your convenience.

We offer our joint knowledge to serve our industry with white label solutions and professional insights for basically any event or entertainment-related matter, all with the improvement of the industry in mind.
Packages can include Masterclasses for Digital, your company in the Digital Age, or any other subject; a digital quick scan of a company; Tailor-made concepts, and white label concepts.
All packages, tailor-made, and white-label concepts are based on fixed prices.

Tailor-made event concepts
Based on the client’s wishes, we offer complete and concrete concepts that can easily integrate into their plans. they include everything from name, logo and design to stage impressions, marketing ideas and production measures. it’s a total body of work that only needs to be executed.

White label event concepts
Concrete concepts created and designed by TEAM. for any client with an idea for an event or form of entertainment but is left blank about the specifics. TEAM. further develops these ideas and delivers solutions that can be turned into a tailor-made concept if needed.