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We have the perfect candidate for your vacancy

We serve on a global scale with various, highly skilled event makers whom we all know personally, to provide you with the best suitable event maker for any project. We only accept recruitment assignments we can actually fulfil. “Building a high performing team” is a customized process because expertise, experience and personality are hard to read from just a resume. We serve our clients by designing tailor made recruitment and connecting them with the most relevant, dynamic individuals and directions to fit their event, brand or specific needs.

Are you looking for a strong digital marketing professional, a proactive project manager or a show director to take your project from good to great or even exceptional? Hiring a temporary staff member offers a solution when there is a need for certain specializations.

We connect our event makers with companies involved in ‘corporate experiences’, next to ‘public players’ with a strong growth-focus. TEAM. also works for organizations that transform from ‘old to the new’, being in various stages of their transformation. Potential clients include event promoters, event bureaus, governmental institutions, brands, music artists, theaters, DJ’s or venues. Our seasoned consultants have extensive knowledge of the industry and strive to offer high quality and professional service, tailored towards the specific needs of your organization.

Besides interim projects, TEAM. offers various other customized services such as Executive Search, Tailormade Concepts, Sustainable Consultancy, Digital Scans & Creative Solutions.