Pieter Truijen

Professional expertise:

Stage design, set design.

Track record:

Martin Garrix, ISY Festival, Don’t Let Daddy Know, Mysteryland, Festival de Viña del Mar, We Are Electric, Kingsland Festival, Paaspop


Pieter knew how to make drawings before he could walk. And to say that he has turned his drawing hobby into a career is an understatement. Working for several agencies and optimising his skills, Pieter eventually went the independent route and that is when things really started to take off. Since then he has designed stages for ID&T, Martin Garrix, EA Events, Streetmachine, Bizarro Chile, Live Legends and Unlimited Productions to name a few. His expertise lies in devising and merging concepts into designs that perfectly meets the client’s requirements, together with his inexhaustible energy, dedication and endless creativity. As part of 360 Show Design his clients have brought him all over the world and back, designing concepts from Chile to South Korea via China back to The Netherlands. A truly globally experienced designer.