Sander den Otter

Professional expertise:

Light design, creative stage design, video design, 3D visualisation and animation, timecode.

Track record:

Sensation International World Tour, Tomorrowland, Mysteryland


Sander is both a creative thinker and a conceptual thinker. Often at the same time. He can create things that look good on paper and then turn that into real life extraordinary experiences.
He works best if he is surrounded by a team of creative and technical specialists. He adds them to his own personal mix of experience, passion, originality and collegiality. That combination then turns into state of the art show concepts, ranging from specialized niches to extremely ambitious projects.
Part of T-Minus Design, Sanders has over fifteen years of experience in the entertainment business, varying from creative design to light design and technical features, also including the programming and running of the actual shows. This has brought him clients in the world of television, theatre, musicals, festivals, dance, business and public events.