Sanne Jacobs

Professional expertise:

Project management, project direction, crowd control

Track record:

ALDA Events, ADE Ziggo Dome, Pal Mundo Festival


If there is someone who understands how to organise, it’s Sanne. In her professional life she can honestly say she’s born and bred within the spectrum of organising things. Whether it is with events or for a municipality, there is nothing too crazy for Sanne. With a ton of experience Sanne knows how to handle a project from A to Z. It is what she does best and what she loves the most, with a practical and powerful approach. Her love for events and the catering industry has slowly grown into her daily bred and butter. She is far from shy to accept a new challenge. This requires a helicopter view and a goal oriented approach. Both skills are in Sanne’s possession and are things she thrives on, on her way to the next challenge.