Sophie Reneman

Professional expertise:

Art direction, show direction, show calling.

Track record:

Armin Only, Dance Valley, Edison Pop, 538 Koningsdag, DJ Mag,, Dance4Life, Madame Jeanette immersive theatre.


We could not have said it any better. As Sophie herself puts it: ‘want to see me smile, put me in a live show!’. It is where she comes to live and where her work ethics flourish the most. And these work ethics have a history that started with the editing of films and commercials. And while she was of course good at it, her ambition, curiosity and drive led her eventually to developing creative concepts for events, brands and numerous other high quality clients all over the world. It is in this era that she found her true love for art direction and show direction. And understanding Sophie, once she found her true passion there was no way she would ever let that go. So through Armin Only and Dance Valley, the Edison Pop Award Show and the Madame Jeanette immersive theater, Sophie has crafted her skill to perfection. All of her experience, creativity, enthusiasm and craftsmanship is built into Sophie as the ultimate independent Art Director, Show Director and Show caller. You need to look no further.