We are TEAM. We are a knowledge institution with over a century of cumulative event and entertainment experience.

Tried, and tested but most of all based on talent, know-how and years of experience, we are a TEAM., unprecedented in the global event entertainment field, adding value to any brand, event or form of entertainment. It’s in the electronic music field that we have gained confidence and experience to produce worldwide concepts, shows, and state-of-the-art productions. Electronic music and innovation go hand in hand and that same progressive nature is where this TEAM takes its cues from. We strive for extraordinary solutions and serve the event and entertainment industry worldwide with;

Ambitious Event Makers

For an A-Z production and show plan.


Guiding, consulting and briefing all necessary staff for the event.


Developing tailor made concepts, restructure and rebrand existing concepts, all based on the client’s need and demands.


Proven white label solutions and professional insights.